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We’ve done a lot of cool stuff since we first launched our bookstore in 2019, but serving readers all over the USA through our Reading Is a Lifestyle subscription has been the coolest highlight of our journey so far. It’s a treat to deliver books to our members each month, and we have no doubt that if you join our RIAL crew, you’ll love it here too.


Who We've Worked With

Discover the esteemed partners who have journeyed with us at Shelves Bookstore. With each collaboration, we’ve woven narratives, forged connections, and fostered a community bound by a shared love for the written word. 


Meet The Founder

I launched Shelves as a pop-up bookstore in the Queen City on June 22, 2019 and have been serving as your Friendly Neighborhood Bookseller ever since. Although we no longer do pop-ups, we remain committed to our belief that reading is freedom and are thankful for every opportunity we get to help educate families within our local community while celebrating the joy that reading books brings to people all over the world. We are on a quest to introduce our subscription members to gifted storytellers while designing the occasional lifestyle product for readers, writers, and dreamers. It’s been quite a journey so far, and God has exceeded my expectations every step of the way. Still, I am humbled by your decision to support our indie bookstore, and I hope you enjoy the Reading Is a Lifestyle experience.

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