Dog Lovers and Dope Books

Are you a bookworm who also happens to be a proud dog parent? Well, you’re in for a treat! We’ve curated a list of delightful reads recommended by members of our Reading Is a Lifestyle (RIAL) crew, each paired with a furry friend’s photo and their owner’s favorite book pick from the past year. Get ready to curl up with your pup and dive into these captivating tales!

1. Aspri & Savanna

Dog Name: Aspri 

Owner: Savanna (RIAL subscription member since May ’21)

Favorite RIAL Book Pick from the Past 12 Months: 

Forgive Me Not by Jennifer Baker (Oct ’23 YA book pick)

Savanna highly recommends debut novel Forgive Me Not

“‘Forgive Me Not’ takes a hard look at our justice system and what a fine line there is between rehabilitation and punishment. I love that we get to see all sides of this as Violetta is the offender, her sister is the victim, and her parents and brother are the ones to decide her fate. We experience the horrific treatment those who are incarcerated face and wonder why society continues to view them, especially the kids, as less than human.”

Aspri and Savanna’s pick is a great choice for anyone that has an interest in criminal justice or enjoys thought-provoking stories.

2. Kevin & Katlyn

Dog Name: Kevin 

Owner: Katlyn (RIAL subscription member since Sept ’21)

Favorite RIAL Book Pick from the Past 12 Months: 

The Curse of Penryth Hall by Jess Armstrong (Dec ’23 adult book pick)

Katlyn, an avid reader, was captivated by The Curse of Penryth Hall

“It was my RIAL pick for December 2023 and I LOVED this book! It’s a 1920s English countryside murder mystery with a hint of magic and great characters. It has EVERYTHING. Getting to speak with the author on our subscriber Zoom call was an awesome added bonus too. I can’t wait for book 2’s release in December 2024!”

Dive into Kevin and Katlyn’s favorite book pick and immerse yourself in a captivating story unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

3. Sasha & Shanice

Dog Name: Sasha

Owner: Shanice (RIAL subscription member since Apr ’22)

Favorite RIAL Book Pick from the Past 12 Months: 

Dixon, Descending by Karen Outen (Feb ’24 adult book pick)

Shanice, an unashamed fantasy reader, found herself deeply engrossed in Dixon, Descending.

“I was hooked from page 1! Reading about Dixon’s experience on Mt. Everest was just as intriguing as reading about the aftermath and what he was dealing with in his personal life. I appreciated how the author included heart-pounding moments on the mountain while also exploring family dynamics and grief.”

Sasha and Shanice’s pick will take you on a literary adventure full of high highs and low lows.

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