Find The Perfect Mother’s Day Book For Your Loved One

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to show appreciation for the maternal figures in our lives. What better way to express your love and gratitude than with the thoughtful gift of a book? Whether your loved one enjoys fiction, memoirs, self-help, or poetry, there are literary gifts out there that can capture the essence of a mother’s love. Here are some gift ideas and book recommendations to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day book.

Understand Her Literary Taste

Before setting out on your quest, take a moment to consider what genres and authors your mother or loved one enjoys. Does she prefer heartwarming tales, inspirational stories, or perhaps a bit of mystery and adventure? Knowing her preferences will guide you towards a title that she’ll be excited to dive into or you can play it safe and gift her a contemporary novel like Mercury by Amy Jo Burns. It centers on main character Marley West’s decision to marry into a family of roofers and how she becomes a part of their family. Our subscription members loved how realistic the family dynamics and problems were in this book. Plus, Amy Jo told us at our monthly subscription members hangout in February that she comes from a tight-knit family, so writing a novel like this is her sweet spot.

Explore Themes of Motherhood

Books that explore the complexities and joys of motherhood can be particularly resonant on Mother’s Day. Look for titles that delve into the mother-child relationship, recounting experiences that she might relate to or find moving similar to Yael Goldstein-Love’s debut novel The Possibilities. In this story, new mom Hannah is trying to navigate postpartum in alternate realities of her life. One of our subscription members described this debut novel as absolutely wild (in a good way!). At our RIAL Hangout last September, Yael admitted that the story is an extension of what she felt and experienced as a new mom following the birth of her son. 

Books for Relaxation and Self-Care

Mother’s Day is also about encouraging your loved one to take time for herself. Books like Morning Pages by Kate Feiffer that promote relaxation and creativity through activities like writing, gardening, or cooking, can be a considerate choice that supports her well-being. By the way, your Friendly Neighborhood Bookseller had this novel on her radar for our May 24’ RIAL subscription book picks. It’s a story that highlights the benefits of journaling, including how it can help you make sense of your experiences and generate new ideas.

Inspiring Journals

Speaking of journaling, our Praying Is a Lifestyle journal might be the perfect gift for reflective moms. Available in 4 colors, it offers her a private space to jot down thoughts, dreams, and memories—a place for self-expression and inspiration.

Celebrate Mothers Day With Shelves Bookstore

As this Mother’s Day approaches, Shelves Bookstore celebrates its commitment to providing a distinctive and personalized monthly book subscription service tailored for book-loving moms nationwide. From every corner of the USA, moms can sign up to receive thoughtfully selected books delivered directly to their door each month (you can also gift our subscription to a mom in your life), offering a curated reading journey that is as unique as they are. In addition to our subscription, Shelves proudly offers a diverse array of books for sale, along with charming bookish apparel, and easy to use gift cards to help you honor and delight the mothers in your life.

We Understand

The power of books and their ability to convey our gratitude and affection as gifts to those we love. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the remarkable women who enrich our lives with their love and wisdom. Here’s to honoring them in the most meaningful way possible – with the gift of a good book.

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