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A Gem of a Problem (3rd Edition)

There is a death but it’s not a murder. Instead there is a problem. A problem left behind by the death. Wirramilla is under siege with accusations of theft and the spectre of costly restitution. The family’s reputation and future are at stake. As the PS Mary B rots in a boatyard awaiting repair, Daniel blames Emma for what has happened, and Nella is angry with her for thinking she can solve the problem on her own.

But what else is Emma to do when it really is her fault? After all she married Sam Berry. Now she has only weeks to solve the problem before the Major makes good his threats. But what will his reaction be if what she finds isn’t what he expects? As Emma’s search leads her in ever decreasing circles Matty is hanging on to that old promise causing ripples that affect more than just the two of them.


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Irene Sauman



Publication Date

July 28, 2020