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A mesmerizing YA novel about hurt, hope, friendship, and the impact that trauma can have on our lives.

Nathaniel Conti doesn’t feel real when he’s alone. Maybe that’s why he has a reputation as a troublemaker—he’ll do just about anything to have everyone’s eyes on him.

Nathaniel’s first year at Hartland University is a chance to branch out and make a name for himself, but all that changes when a figure from his past shows up unexpectedly. As it turns out, Nathaniel’s former best friend Max goes to Hartland, too—and with him come memories that Nathaniel would rather leave behind.

From the author of Icebreaker comes a deeply felt, gorgeously told story about confronting what’s buried, coming into your own, and finding your people.

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A. L. Graziadei

Publication Date

May 14, 2024

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