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Reading Is a Lifestyle Subscription


If you enjoy reading physical books, want to diversify your bookshelf, and/or be introduced to books that aren’t necessarily trending in the media, then you’ll love our new Reading Is a Lifestyle subscription!

How does it work? First, tell us what kind of books you’re open to reading (see below) then purchase your subscription. During the first full week of each month, we will drop off, deliver, or ship you a new Adult Hardcover book that fits one or more of the categories you select.

But… you won’t know what book you’re getting each month until you receive it. It’s like getting a surprise birthday gift from yourself to yourself every month.

And there’s more… You will get access to a exclusive monthly virtual hang out (not a book club) where you’ll have the opportunity to listen and share your thoughts about the book you received with other subscribers who may or may not have received the same book that you did.

When will I be billed? You will be billed on the 15th of every month for the cost of the RIAL subscription, the cost of your preferred delivery method (choose at checkout), and any applicable sales tax.

Ready to give it a try? Subscribe now!

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