Want to receive 3 books based on genres that you love? Our new Reading Is a Lifestyle non-subscription Winter Edition option gives you just that!
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Reading Is a Lifestyle Subscription

I (impatiently) wait each month for my book to arrive and I get SO MUCH JOY from finding it in my mailbox and ripping the package open before I even get back to my front door. It’s simply the best subscription around.
– Natalie (member since Feb 21′)
You are signing up to receive a book pick for the month of October.
  • Do you enjoy reading print books?
  • Want to be introduced to books that aren’t necessarily “trending” in the media (click here to view our book picks)?
  • How does getting access to private virtual conversations with authors sound?

You will get all of this plus more when you join the Reading Is a Lifestyle crew!

How does it work? First, tell us what genre of books you’re open to reading (see below). Each month, we will send you a newly released Adult hardcover book that fits one or more of the genres you select.

But… you won’t know what book you’re getting each month until you receive it. It’s like getting a surprise birthday gift from yourself to yourself every month.

And there’s more… As a RIAL member, you will get access to an exclusive monthly virtual hangout where you’ll have the opportunity to converse with authors and share your thoughts about the book you received with other members who may or may not have received the same book that you did. Click here to view some of our past guests.

When can I expect my book? All RIAL book picks for the month of October will be distributed the week of October 2, 2023.

When will I be billed? You will be billed on the 15th of every month based on the cost of our monthly RIAL subscription at time of renewal, plus the cost of your preferred delivery method (choose at checkout), as well as any applicable sales tax. This is a self-managed subscription, which means that you can pause or cancel your RIAL membership at any time.

You must login to your Shelves account or create one BEFORE you purchase this subscription.

This is a self-managed subscription, which means that you can pause or cancel your membership at any time, and update your personal information (i.e. delivery address, credit card number) by logging into your Shelves account.

All sales, including monthly renewal payments are final.

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