The Other Side of Infinity

They Both Die at the End meets The Butterfly Effect in this YA novel, where a teen uses her gift of foreknowledge to help a lifeguard save a drowning man—only to discover that her actions have suddenly put his life at risk.

It was supposed to be an ordinary day at the pool, but when the lifeguard Nick hesitates during a save, December uses her gift of foreknowledge to rescue the drowning man instead. The action comes at a cost. Not only will Nick and December fall in love but she envisions that his life is now at risk.

December embarks on a mission to save Nick’s life, and to experience what it feels like to fall in love—something she’d formerly thought she’d never do. Nick, battling the shame of screwing up the rescue, resolves to make up for his inaction by helping December find her mother, who went missing nine years ago.

As they grow closer, both December and Nick must learn what it really means to be a hero before time runs out.


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Joan F. Smith



Publication Date

April 25, 2023