Wet Wings: The Wrath of Real Love


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Two passionate lovers find themselves caught inside a paradox of dreams and nightmares. The world they believed they’d created through synchronized dreams appears to be a much different place basking with the monstrosities of a bleak forgotten world of lost angels living in a valley-ones waiting for the end times.

And now Quinton Barker in his quest to find his beloved, an exotic woman by the name Juliana Rose, must battle through his own pain and break free from the wrathful deafening whips of torment and eternal death. With the help of his own tribe inside a tree house village-a utopian territory governed by a tribe of lost angels, he must find the truth and pour it out into reality.

Juliana is counting on Quinton to wake up again, but will it be possible after he finds himself seduced by aura of darkness to stay? He is strong enough to find his way back to the wrath of her real love? Will their love ever prevail through the midst of madness and deranged monsters lurking from every mountain cliff?

Dive deeper into an ethereal world under constant war with many forces possessed with elusive power!

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Joseph Mosata



Publication Date

September 30, 2021

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