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Women of the Post

For fans of A League of Their Own, a debut historical novel that gives voice to the pioneering Black women of the of the Six Triple Eight Battalion who made history by sorting over one million pieces of mail overseas for the US Army.

1944, New York City. Judy Washington is tired of working from dawn ‘til dusk in the Bronx Slave Market, cleaning white women’s houses and barely making a dime. Her husband is fighting overseas, so it’s up to Judy and her mother to make enough money for rent and food. When the chance arises for Judy to join the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) and the ability to bring home a steady paycheck, she jumps at the opportunity.

Immediately upon arrival, Judy undergoes grueling military drills and inspections led by Second Officer Charity Adams, one of the only Black officers in the WAC who has a secret relationship with one of the other women officers. Yet just as quickly as she arrived, Judy and her newfound friends Stacy, Bernadette, and Mary Alyce are transferred to Birmingham, England as part of the 6888th Central Postal Battalion—the only unit of Black women to serve overseas in WWII. Here, they are assigned the mission to sort a backlog of over one million pieces of mail to troops who marched on Normandy.

The women work tirelessly, knowing that they’re reuniting soldiers to their loved ones through the letters they write. Meanwhile, their fearless leader, Officer Charity Adams, advocates for better work conditions and hours. However, their work becomes personal when Mary Alyce discovers a backlogged letter addressed to Judy that will upend her personal life. As life-changing findings and unexpected romances arise, will the group of women fail the daunting task ahead of them, or will they succeed?

Told through the alternating perspectives of Judy, Charity, and Mary Alyce, Women of the Post is an unforgettable story of perseverance, female friendship, romance, and self-discovery.


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Joshunda Sanders



Publication Date

July 18, 2023