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RIAL Book Picks




“The RIAL book subscription has been so much more than I expected when I first signed up! There is just no other book subscription like it out there. My favorite things are that every book is a surprise each month and attending the monthly member Zoom hangouts – where we get to meet the authors! It has been such an enriching experience.”

~ Desiree, member since February 2021

“I ended my BOTM subscription for the RIAL subscription – 2 months in and I’m loving it!!! I’m so excited for our read this month. Plus – I LOVE the personalized little notes each month. It makes the whole experience feel so much more human – like you really are talking to me about the book selections.

~ Lindsey, member since May 2022

“The Reading is a Lifestyle Subscription is such a treat! As an adult, I’ve found that many of life’s surprises are negative in nature, but with RIAL, I’m guaranteed a fun surprise straight to my mailbox every month. The cherry on top is that we get to talk with the authors of that month’s picks. So, now, I have two things to look forward to every month! I can’t recommend this experience enough.”

~ Katie, member since April 2021

“The RIAL crew has been so welcoming and kind, even without knowing some days I don’t get the opportunity to chat with other people (which can be really lonely). BUT, bouts of loneliness are always cured when I know I get to gather with like minded folks to discuss and share our love for literature.”

~ Ardia, member since March 2022

“I love this book club so much. If it was just about receiving the books every month, that would be enough (the selections are *chef’s kiss*), but the community is the real draw for me. Once I started attending the hangouts, I didn’t want to stop. They are always fun and insightful.”

~ Alexandra, member since May 2021

“I struggle some months with time management which is my worst habit being a reader, however receiving my monthly Shelves subscription always reignites my passion and love for reading and the note included always brings a smile to my face.

~ Samandra, member since July 2021

“I really enjoy the subscription. I like not knowing what book I will receive each month.

~ Dina, member since May 2022

“I am beyond thankful to be apart of such a powerful and authentic movement. I truly appreciate the opportunity to build community through a love of reading. Each month I enjoy meeting with the RIAL crew and featured authors. One of my favorite parts is the group photo! I try my best not to miss hanging out with the RIAL crew.”

~ Ashley, member since February 2021

“I’ve only been a member for 2 months, but it seems as if there is a lot of thought put into the picks. They are not just the next ‘big book’, but books that are excellent and have flown under the radar so it’s great to be exposed to these titles!”

~ Cathy, member since May 2022

“Abby has uncovered books I would not have come across that end up being lifetime favorites (seriously, if you haven’t read Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed, pick it up!). I (impatiently) wait each month for my book to arrive and I get SO MUCH JOY from finding it in my mailbox and ripping the package open before I even get back to my front door.”

~ Natalie, member since February 2021

“As a kid I was an avid reader, but as an adult I rarely found time to sit down and read. Shelves and my RIAL subscription reignited my love for reading and I can’t get enough! “

~ Katlyn, member since September 2021

“I do think you’re the best book crew around! I’ve enjoyed nearly all of the books I’ve received, and they’ve each been new releases that I hadn’t heard about yet. Some of them I might never have picked up if Abby hadn’t sent them to me. And I also get great satisfaction from supporting another book lady who’s living her dream.”

~ Ann, member since February 2021

“Just to put in a plug for the YA subscription. SIGN UP NOW! One of the picks I would have never selected on my own. But now it is a book that I have told many others to read. YA books are so good, do yourself a favor and add this on and enjoy.

Abby clearly has a gift. I can’t believe I waited so long to join. Everyone should join!”

~ Kelly, member since December 2021

“I love the variety of titles and that they’re books I might not have picked up on my own.”

~ Valerie, member since April 2021