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“If you do only one good thing for yourself this year, signing up for a RIAL subscription should be it! Abby has a special knack for curating the perfect book for each member; it must be an innate gift. And, the virtual hangouts each month are some of the best fun you will ever have with some of the most fun people you will ever meet. Plus, you get to meet the authors of the books you are reading in a small, intimate setting; it’s a win-win.”

– Stephanie (Member since Feb 21′)

“I ABSOLUTELY love my RIAL subscription! There has not been one month that I was not satisfied with my book selection. The RIAL hangouts are authentic in that they genuinely bring together a group of real people who share a love for both books and life. I am truly honored to be apart of this group!”

– Ashley (Member since Feb 21′)

“I love the RIAL subscription at Shelves Bookstore! Abby puts a lot of time and energy to select the books each month and create opportunities for the Shelves community to connect with each other. I continue to subscribe because each book has been something I wouldn’t normally buy myself. I also enjoy the mystery of the random book arriving every month :)”

– Savanna (Member since May 21′)

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