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The RIAL book subscription has been so much more than I expected when I first signed up! There is just no other book subscription like it out there. My favorite things are that every book is a surprise each month and attending the monthly member Zoom hangouts – where we get to meet the authors! It has been such an enriching experience.


Member since Feb 21'

“I do think you’re the best book crew around! I’ve enjoyed nearly all of the books I’ve received, and they’ve each been new releases that I hadn’t heard about yet. Some of them I might never have picked up if Abby hadn’t sent them to me. And I also get great satisfaction from supporting another book lady who’s living her dream.


Member since Feb 21'

As an adult, I’ve found that many of life’s surprises are negative in nature, but with RIAL, I’m guaranteed a fun surprise straight to my mailbox every month. The cherry on top is that we get to talk with the authors of that month’s picks. So, now I have two things to look forward to every month! I can’t recommend this experience enough.


Member since Apr 21'

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