Vacation Worthy Summer Reads

Summer is not just the season of sun and fun—it’s also the perfect time to dive into a good book. Whether lounging by the pool, basking on the beach, or chilling under the cool shade of a tree, a great story can be your best companion. For book lovers, curating a summer reading list is a cherished ritual. 

We’ve curated a list of delightful summer reads recommended by members of our Reading Is a Lifestyle (RIAL) crew. Get ready to dive into these captivating tales!

The Allure of Summer Reading

Summer reading isn’t just a way to pass the time during the warmer months; it’s an opportunity to explore new worlds, meet fascinating characters, and gain fresh perspectives. Summer reading is also a chance to maintain literacy skills and engage with thought-provoking themes and ideas.

Why Embrace Summer Reading?

Embracing summer reading allows you to relax and unwind with a good book, making the most of your leisure time. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore new genres and authors, broadening your horizons. Summer reads can transport you to different worlds, offering a delightful escape from the everyday routine. 

Escape with a Perfect Summer Reading List

To make the most of your summer reading, it’s essential to have a varied and exciting list that caters to all tastes and moods. Our selection includes an eclectic mix of genres and diverse voices, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

A Blend of Genres

A vacation-worthy summer reading list offers a mix of fiction and non-fiction, spanning genres such as mystery, romance, fantasy, history, science, and memoir. This approach keeps your reading experience fresh and engaging, perfect for any summer setting.

Diverse Authors and Perspectives

Including works by authors from various cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds enriches the reading experience, providing a broader spectrum of voices and stories. This diversity ensures your summer reads are as enlightening as they are entertaining.

Summer Reads For Book Lovers

Here are some top picks recommended by our readers that should make it onto everyone’s summer reading list, offering a diverse range of storytelling that’s perfect for long summer days.

1. The Sunset Crowd by Karin Tanabe (Jul ‘23 adult book pick)

Recommended by: Katie (RIAL subscription member since April ’21)

Katie loves and highly recommends the novel “The Sunset Crowd”.

“I took this book with me on vacation to California last summer and it was the perfect vacation companion. The glitz and glamour of 1970’s Hollywood is on full display in this delectable read. This book will transport you to another time and place and is the perfect companion for the beach, pool side, or afternoon on the porch.”

Katie’s pick is ideal for anyone who loves historical fiction or wants a bit of escapism in their summer read.

2. Search History by Amy Taylor (Nov 23’ adult book pick)

Recommended By: Natalie (RIAL member since Feb ‘21)

Dive into another captivating summer read recommended by one of our avid readers.

“This main character’s increasingly unhinged decisions had me reaching for the book and trying to cover my eyes at the same time. It’s propulsive and its commentary on modern social media culture is spot on. I loved it and recommend reading it with a buddy so you can text back and forth about all the crazy.”

Get ready for a thrilling ride through modern social media culture with Natalie’s top pick, sure to spark lively discussions with your reading buddies.

3. The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester by Maya MacGregor (May ‘22 YA book pick)

Recommended By: Ardia (RIAL member since Apr ‘22)

Ardia found herself deeply engrossed in Maya MacGregor’s novel, “The Many Half Lived Lives Of Sam Sylvester”

“Cozy up and dive into a little mystery with a nonbinary teen with autism, determined to solve a 30-year-old murder that took place in their house. It’s the perfect patio read on a warm summer evening that includes wonderful, realistic queer and neurodivergent representation!”

Grab a copy and get ready to be swept away by Sam’s intriguing journey!

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