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Brain Makeover: A Weekly Guide to a Happier, Healthier and More Abundant Life (2nd ed.)

In Brain Makeover Ginsberg draws on her 30 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist to show you how to make lasting, profound changes in your happiness level—often in a moment.

First published in 2014, this second edition of Brain Makeover features 40% MORE original content!

This book gives you the tools to experience:

A better understanding of how your thoughts affect your health and happiness A greater sense of well-being An increased level of happiness Tools to quickly shift stressful thinking to achieve calm, clarity, and creativity Better choice-making that cultivate healthier habits A higher quality of life at work and at home
Practical and easy to follow messages will inspire you to take the steps necessary to create the life you deeply desire. Each week you will be guided to think about, write about, or do something that will have you on your way to building new neural pathways and lasting changes for a happier, healthier and more abundant life!


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Phyllis Ginsberg